GUS, « Nec plus ultra », c'est du latin, malheureusement  ce que Bof te conseille ici  est un site  en langue anglaise… Un petit effort de ta part qui sera bien récompensé.


C’est une nouveauté, une mine inépuisable de renseignements pour quiconque aime les débats d’idées sur des sujets  brûlants.  Et les suivre au jour le jour…


 Mon cher Gus, si tu t’intéresses toujours au  changement climatique. Si  tu ne t’en remets pas simplement aux mots d’ordre de Greenpeace  au moment de leur souscription annuelle; si tu n’a pas encore capitulé  et déjà  acheté tes maillots de bain et récupéré ta bouée en canard gonflé de ton enfance pour affronter la hausse de vingt pieds des océans annoncée par Gore, tu peux consulter ce nouveau site qui semble à Bof qui s’intéresse depuis longtemps à ce problème (voir Écologie   et   Alarmisme) une véritable bibliothèque  virtuelle.  Tu y trouveras  une mine d’informations comme Bof  n’en a jamais trouvée  et qui   semble faire  le tour du problème le plus objectivement possible  et de façon le plus englobante.  Si l’anglais n’est pas un obstacle,  c'est la source d’information numéro Un. Un « must » dans toute bonne bibliothèque  virtuelle (digne d’un signet).  A consulter quotidiennement.   Bof donne ici une vue de  la première page (10 janv. 2008) avec ses multiples  références…. Tu en as pour quelques mois de lecture et des heures  à suivre quotidiennement l’échange des idées…  A la fin,  tu mériteras certainement un diplôme, un bac en écologie..






Climate Debate Daily


Gus, tu n’as qu’à aller à l’adresse ci-haut donnée.

Pour illustrer son propos,  Bof se permet pour montrer toute la richesse du site de copier ici des extraits de la  première page qui a plutôt l’allure d’un rayon  de bibliothèques.


1. Un recueil d’une quarantaine d’articles référencés allant dans le sens  des positions  du Giec  (IPCC) . (mandaté par l’ONU) (le réchauffement climatique est causé principalement par l’activité humaine…qui peut donc  éventuellement  être inversé par l’homme… sinon multiples catastrophes à l’horizon.. )


Calls to action


Essays and research supporting the idea that global warming poses a clear threat to humanity, that it is largely caused by human activity, and that solutions to the problems of climate change lie within human reach.


  (pour la  suite de chaque article, cliquer sur continue)


Research just out demonstrates that biofuel derived from switchgrass grown on marginal farmland has great potential to cut net CO2 emissions...continue »

The warming situation in Greenland and the rest of the Arctic is "definitely far more serious than anyone would have thought five years ago"...continue »

"The trend in respect of weather extremes shows that climate change is already taking effect and that more such extremes are to be expected in the future"...continue »

Against expectations shorter winters appear to be weakening the ability of frozen northern forests to soak up carbon...continue »

"The fact that 2008 is forecast to be cooler than any of the last seven years does not mean that global warming has gone away"...continue »

For less than the annual cost of its Farm Price Support Program the US could get a third of its energy from the sun and slash emissions by 2050...continue »

We are in for a minimum of 90 more years of warming no matter how many Hummers are junked in favor of Priuses. Let's adapt...continue »

Westerners consume 32 times as much as people from undeveloped states. The Earth can't support such consumption in China and India... continue »

If solar power were as cheap as coal, CO2 mitigation would be easy. Now a new company claims to be making very cheap solar cells... continue » more »

Chikungunya, a relative of dengue fever, is normally found in the Indian Ocean region. But now mosquitoes that need warmth have brought the disease to Italy...continue »

Global warming is partly to blame for the greater intensity and frequency of massive wildfires in the American West...continue »

Rising temperatures will set the stage for more severe storms in the U.S., doubling the likelihood of extreme winds, hail, floods, and tornados by 2110...continue »

New research out of Greenland suggests that sea levels may rise much higher and sooner than even the most pessimistic climate forecasts predict...continue »

2007 was the seventh warmest year since record-keeping began, the IPCC says, and made for brutal weather...continue »

Convincing evidence that Earth’s climate is undergoing alarming changes has accumulated rapidly in recent years, especially during the past three decades...continue »

Suckered again. The Bali deal is worse than Kyoto, says George Monbiot, and America will keep on wrecking climate talks as long as oil and gas fund its political system...continue »

Rapid global CO2 warming took place 55 million years ago. This period of climate change gives the best fossil analogue to current and future greenhouse warming...continue »

This latest Arctic sea ice news is a powerful indicator that we may have passed the point of no return, with potential impacts on societies around the world...continue »

The U.S. could shave 28% off the amount of greenhouse gases it emits at modest cost and with only small technology innovations, says a new report...continue »

Thanks to global warming huge swaths of right-wing America are set to face a biblical deluge in a few more presidential cycles...continue »

Almost 60% of the Amazon’s forests could be wiped out or severely damaged by 2030 as a result of climate change and deforestation, according to a new WWF report...continue »

The world’s coral reefs are in danger of being killed off by rising levels of greenhouse gases, with 98% of the world’s reef habitats likely be too acidic for corals by 2050...continue »

Wine is the canary in the climate-change coal mine. Even slight changes can wreak havoc on high-quality wine, making it particularly vulnerable to global warming...continue »

2007 is set to be the fifth hottest year on record, and might well have broken the records had it not been for the timely arrival of La Nina...continue »

Decision-makers in the climate change field have little faith in biofuels as a low-carbon technology. They even have more confidence in bicycles...continue »

Cans and bottles of carbonated drinks are still no friends of the environment – including the climate...continue »

A glacier on the Tibetan plateau is shrinking, with a threat to the future of nearby villagers. They may blame the gods, but global warming is the issue...continue »

Scientists examined five different measures of the width of the tropical belt, and found it expanded by between 2 and 4.8 degrees latitude since 1979...continue »

Climate change skeptics tend to agree that business as usual CO2 emissions are nothing to fret about. But beyond this, their views are not always consistent...continue »

From the Carribean to Siberia, from Elkhorn coral to polar bears, the warming of Earth’s climate is reshaping landscapes...continue »

Holocaust deniers argue over history. Their damage is in terms of racism and relations between peoples. Climate change deniers pose a greater danger...continue »

Climate is the single greatest variable in France’s wine production, making its vineyards the perfect climate-change laboratory for scientists...continue »

The melting of polar ice sheets and the resulting stress on the earth's crust from rising seas will increase volcanic eruptions in the years to come...continue »



2. Les voix (et les arguments) des dissidents, de ceux qui ne partagent pas la position du Giec et ont des doutes sur les arguments avancés ou   défendent d’autres hypothèses quant aux causes des changements  en cours… (30 ARTICLES)


Dissenting voices


Essays and research challenging the view that the world warming that began around 1880 is caused by human activity, that it constitutes a serious threat, or that the vagaries of the earth’s climate are within human control.


The warming of the North Atlantic in the last 50 years   can be explained by wind patterns and natural variability. It isn't evidence for global warming...continue »

Not only is there no convincing evidence for decline in tropical forests, recent data seem to show there is net reforestation across the globe...continue »

A sea-level catastrophe? Impossible, says Nils-Axel Mörner, who's spent his life studying historic changes in sea level. A rise in the coming century will not exceed 10 cm...continue »

Solar Cycle 24 has at last begun, and its late arrival may presage a

Earth is now at the peak of one of its passing warm spells, says Oleg Sorokhtin. It's time to stock up on fur coats and felt boots...continue » A Florida group predicts a long cold spell for Earth.

The year of global cooling. In 2007, hundreds of people died, not from global warming, but from cold weather hazards. And look at the Southern Hemisphere...continue »

Activists, journalists, and publicity-savvy scientists selectively now monitor the globe looking for evidence of that new form of sinfulness, burning fossil fuels...continue »

“Attempts to prevent global climate change are ultimately futile, and are a tragic misallocation of resources that would be better spent on humanity's real and pressing problems”...continue »

Recent dramatic thawing of the Arctic region cannot be explained by man-made global warming alone, says a new study in Nature...continue »

Restructuring the world’s energy economy in pursuit of the chimera of stopping a "dangerous" human-caused climate change is a big, perhaps tragic, mistake...continue »

Al Gore opened his speech in Bali with: “We, the human species.” Nothing better sums up his megalomaniacal delusions than those four words...continue »

Virtual science, the kind the IPCC uses to scare us to death, is ripe for manipulation, usually unconsciously, by virtuous scientists. Michael Duffy explains...continue »

Over 400 prominent scientists from more than two dozen countries have voiced objections to major aspects of the so-called consensus on man-made global warming...continue »

Cold weather is deadly. Fatalities in the U.S. tend to climb for several weeks after severe cold spells, numbering 360 per chilly day and 14,380 per year, according to a new study...continue »

Has global warming stopped? The global temperature of 2007 is about the same as 2006 and every year since 2001, says David Whitehouse...continue »

Are human beings 90% to 95% likely to be responsible for recent warming? That was the claim. In fact, there was surprisingly little support for this notion in the IPCC...continue »

Alarmists overstate the dangers of climate change: the number of people killed each year by weather-related disasters is in fact falling. ...continue »

We all want a better world, says Bjorn Lomborg. But let’s not be swept up in making a bad investments, simply because we have been scared by lurid headlines...continue »

The UN obsession with “fighting climate change” is distracting governments from adapting to real threats of natural changes. A hundred scientists and scholars...continue »

Better for Australia to cut the panic and build “a strong economy and thus the adaptive capacity to deal with whatever catastrophes unaided nature may have in store for us”...continue »

I nearly didn’t go to Bali, says Christopher Monckton. The UN, which wanted no dissent at this staged event, rejected my journalist's credentials. However...continue »

Kyoto-type treaties, with global caps on emissions, will harm the poor, hampering their ability to adapt to climate change, while doing little to prevent it...continue »

Henrik Svensmark’s work shows that cosmic rays trigger clouds, and high levels of solar activity reduce the flow of cosmic rays to Earth — with fewer clouds and a warmer planet...continue »

Isn’t the IPCC really just a collection of political activists and fundamentalists who want to force all mankind to use public transport and car-pools? A fair question...continue »

Despite the $50 billion spent on greenwashing propaganda, the skeptics and their inconvenient questions are making their presence felt, says David Bellamy...continue »

Who's afraid of Greenland melting? Yes, it would raise sea levels by 6.4 meters, but at the current rate would take 12,800 years...continue »

A widely promugated global temperature graph overestimates by a factor of two real rises in land temps, argues Ross McKitrick. The data for the graph are flawed...continue »

From its inception, the IPCC has almost exclusively focused on the anthropogenic global warning hypothesis, systematically ignoring alternative ideas...continue »

We’ve faced environmental issues through human history, but it’s hard to recall one that has gained such status in such a short time. To a skeptic, global warming looks like religion...continue »

Something is happening to the Sun. After a period of very high activity in the 20th century, the Sun has suddenly gone exceptionally quiet. What does it mean?...continue »

As temperatures decreased centuries ago during a period called the Little Ice Age, the number of wars increased, famines took place, and the population declined...continue »


3. Références à 17 sites d’information générale sur  les changements climatiques


Climate News

BBC climate
Climate Change News
CS Monitor climate
Discover climate
ENN climate
Guardian climate
Independent climate
IHT climate
New Scientist climate change
Nature climate
NZ Herald climate
New York Times climate
Science Daily
SciDev climate change
USA Today climate




IPCC main site
IPCC Synthesis
All IPCC reports




WMO climate
UK Met Office
CRU, East Anglia
Euro Environment
US Snow & Ice
Global Change Research
EPA climate change



Climate Facts

Mauna Loa CO2
Canadian Cryosphere
Sea Ice Index
Cryosphere Today
NASA Master Directory
NASA Temp Data
Surface station research
NASA Climate Monitor
NASA sunspots
Climate Monitor Online
CRU Temp Data
Climate Prediction Center
US Drought Monitor
Solar Irradiance
Weather Underground
NOAA Paleoclimatology
NOAA El Niño/La Niña
El Niño/La Niña history
Greenhouse Gas Data
Acidic Oceans
Sun and Climate
Sea Level Flood Map
Glacier Monitoring Service



7.  17 SITES QUI SE PORTENT À LA DÉFENCE  Des positions du  GIEC (Ipcc)

Pro-IPCC Views

Sierra Club
Union of Concerned Scientists
Royal Society
National Geographic
Stern Review
Pew Center
BBC on skeptics
Royal Society on skeptics
Logical Science on skeptics
Met Office on skeptics
New Scientist guide
Orion on climate


8.  17 sites qui  affichent un certain scepticisme face aux positions OFFICIELles du Giec.

Skeptical Views

Junk Science
Climate Science
CO2 Science
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Cooler Heads Coalition
Heartland Institute
Lavoisier Group
Marshall Institute
NZ Climate Coalition
Other Side of the Debate
Pacific Research Institute
Science & Public Policy Institute Sen Inhofe’s Office
Spiked Online
Global Warming Skeptic


9.  ET LES BLOGS.. 15 BLOGS  importants  qui défendent les positions officielles du GIEC

Pro-IPCC Blogs

Climate Action Network
Climate Ark
Climate Change Action
Climate Progress
Dot Earth
GHG Online
Grist climate
Logical Science
George Monbiot
Resilience Science



10. 14 blogs importants qui  affichent leur scepticisme à l’égard des positions officielles..


Skeptical Blogs

Climate Audit
Climate Police
World Climate Report
Climate Change Facts
Warren Meyer
Bruce Hall
Frontiers of Freedom
Friends of Science
Fred Singer
Philip Stott
Luboš Motl
Warwick Hughes
Anthony Watts



11. Documentation sur 7 personnalités importantes dans le débat en cours…


David Attenborough
David Bellamy
Alexander Cockburn
Michael Crichton
Freeman Dyson
Al Gore
James Lovelock


12. Une vingtaine de sites qui  opposent le pour et le contre à propos des éléments importants…


Pros and Cons

Terrifying Argument (video)
Doomsday Called Off (video)
Al Gore Speech (video)
Global Warming Petition
Past climate scares
Newsweek on global cooling
Glacier Retreat
Global Warming Swindle (video)
Tim Flannery (video)
What Is Normal? (video)
Climate of Bias
John Daly


Energy Sites

Institute for Energy Research
Peak Oil
Price of Oil


Books & Resources

Discovery of Global Warming
A Skeptic's Guide
CSCCC Report
The Sun & the Earth's climate





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